==About== Population: 0 "Agloe, New York is a fictitious village created by the Esso company in the early 1930's and inserted into tourist maps as a copyright trap, or paper town.

Located at the intersection of two dirt roads just north of Roscoe, NY, Agloe was the creation of mapmakers Otto G. Lindberg and Ernest Alpers, who invented the town name by anagramming their initials. Copyright traps have featured in mapmaking for centuries. Cartographers create fictional landmarks, streets, municipalities and place them obscurely, it becomes clear a map has been plagarized. Copyright traps are also sometimes known as key traps, paper streets, and paper towns. Although few cartographic corporations acknowledge their existence, copyright traps remain a common  feature even in contemporary maps. 

In the 1940's, Agloe, New York, began appearing on maps created by other companies. Esso suspected copyright infringement and prepared several lawsuits, but in fact, an unknown resident had built "The Agloe General Store" at the intersection that appeared on the Esso map. 

The building, which still stands, is the only structure in Agloe, which continues to appear on many maps and is traditionally recorded as having a population of 0." - from Paper Towns, John Green

Connection to Paper TownsEdit

Quentin, using Radar's program, entered a zip code in downtown Chicago and asked for a radius of ten miles. He wasn't happy with the results and then tried a zip code near the Catskill Park in New York and he evantually found the Agloe Omnictionary page. There was one comment that read "fyi, whoever Edits this - the Population of agloe Will actually be One until may 29th at Noon." Q immediately realizes this is Margo because she believes "the rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle of a sentence." Quentin, Ben, Radar, and Lacey Pemberton then start their road trip to Algoe in search for Margo on the day of their graduation. After over nineteen hours, they find her, 

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